• The CREATE YOUR SELF line of art experiences offers an alternative to the traditional 'fine art' or 'craft project' offered in the market - for both kids & adults who enjoy making art but want to get MORE out of their art making experience.  

  • CREATE YOUR SELF Kits are thoughtfully designed from the directive to the experience. The supplies are always high quality to ensure a successful experience. Most Kits are mess-free & can be used on the go, making them ideal for travel. Packaging is not only appealing but also practical - allowed for convenient storage & easy clean up.

  • CYS Kits are not meant to be a project OR a masterpiece....rather,  an experience the user can benefit from.
    Even though the focus of each AT Kit is on the 'PROCESS' (or the art making experience itself) & not the 'PRODUCT' (or the art), the ART ultimately becomes very significant...BECAUSE of the meaningful process (pretty cool, right?) 

  • A layer of 'intention' or meaning is always infused into the directive...such as: building self esteem, free expression, self reflection etc. so that the user can benefit from the experience. 


After earning a Master's degree in Art Therapy at the School of Visual Arts in NYC over a decade ago and working with various populations, settings & age groups - Ricky became passionate about introducing everybody to the amazing benefits of making art.
"My personal experience yearning for &sometimes even leaning on the creative process over the years, for both myself & my own children, reinforced & eventually cemented my drive. I created AT Kits because I want EVERYONE to have access to affordable, simple & meaningful art experiences. My promise to you is that each AT Kit has a meaningful, thought out directive always designed by a trained Art Therapist with one goal in help you CREATE YOUR SELF."    ~ Ricky Bella, MPS