DESK DOODLE, case of 12

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Contents:  two 6×12 inch sheets of canvas folded in half, a refillable water pen & a clear stand to keep DOODLING within reach on your desk.
Great for CEOs, students & anyone who works at a desk.    * Beautiful packaging makes this a great gift * Clear bottom & sides allows buyer to see contents. MSRP: $ 11.99

The desk doodle was designed to provide a spark of creativity, a bit of stress relief & enhanced concentration while at work.
Doodle on a 6×6 inch square or unfold to use a full 12-inch sheet of canvas. Images will disappear when dry….use over & over again!
Eco-friendly & economical.

Doodling helps us pay attention by providing just enough stimulation to prevent us from ‘spacing out’. (Not that ZOOM calls are boring….)
It boosts blood flow to the brain, increasing memory, focus, and concentration.
Doodling is not simply a pastime – it’s actually good for you… So stay calm & just DOoodle it!